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Miss. Hodgson and Mrs. Neild (school governor) worked together on an application for funding to improve the school sports facilities. We were  awarded approximately £30,000 to turn part of our school field into an all-weather pitch.

On completion of the all-weather pitch  we were delighted to welcome Paul Scholes to the opening of our new games area.



Thank you to Tony Dust (for his support with the planning application), Sport England for the grant and Horticon who created the structure. Members of our school community worked hard on the project: Miss. Hodgson and Mrs. Neild worked for hours on the application and Mr. Cookson liaised with contractors and co-ordinated all the comings and goings.

We are a school who love our sport and, despite our lower numbers than most schools, tend to be able to hold our own in competitions. The new facility will ensure even more activity takes place during break times and lunch times and that our sports leaders always have somewhere to set up.