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The Governing Body

Welcome from the Chair of Governors:

Welcome to the Governors’ pages of the Friezland Primary School website and thank you for your interest in our School.  Contained in this section of the website you will find out more about our Governing Body including who we are, our roles and responsibilities and how we are actively involved in the life of the School.

The School Governors are volunteers who make a positive contribution to the School by giving their time, expertise and experience to help to shape the leadership and quality of learning of the School. We work in partnership with the Headteacher and all staff to raise the educational achievement, attainment and progress of all its pupils and ensure the safeguarding of all of our pupils and staff.

Governors come from all walks of life and offer a range of skills and expertise including areas such as management, premises and buildings, health and safety, special educational needs, parenting and much more. We welcome Governors who are interested, enthusiastic and committed. You do not need any special skills or qualifications to become a Governor but team working and problem solving are useful skills.

C. Neild

Chair of Governors


About our Governing Body:

The Governing Body is made up of nominated representatives from:

•The local community (Co-opted Governors are elected by the Governing Body)

•The Local Authority (Local Authority Governors are appointed by the Local Authority)

•Staff representatives including teaching and support staff (elected by school staff)

•Parent governors (Parents Governors are elected by Parents)

•Associate Members (Associate Members are elected by the Governing Body)

The Headteacher also sits on Friezland’s Governing Body.

All Governors are elected to serve for a period of four years. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected in the Autumn Term by the Governing Body for a period of twelve months.

The Governing Body meets as a whole body at least once a term, and further meetings of relevant sub-committees are also held at least once a term. In the Autumn Term, we hold a meeting to set dates for the coming academic year including all full Governing Body meetings and relevant sub-committee meetings.  This allows meetings to be held in line with the School’s data tracking so that Governing can ensure effective monitoring of standards.  Sub-committees include Resource and Environment Committee, the Standards Committee, Teaching and Learning Focus Group and the Health and Safety Committee. All sub-committees are working parties that have their own elected Chair and some committees include representatives from the Governor Body, staff and parents. Some committees meet once per term and some only meet when required to do so, e.g. where a recruitment panel may be convened when there is a staff vacancy.  In addition to these meetings many governors are regular visitors to school and work with the children in many different ways including in classrooms and on class visits.  Records of Governor visits to School are held by the Headteacher.

The Governing Working Party is a smaller body that is made up of four Governors and this committee is tasked with the strategic development of the Governing Body to ensure that we are meeting statutory requirements and that the Governor Body works to best reflect the needs of the School.


The School Governors have responsibility for:

•Determining, monitoring and keeping under review, the policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates.  For example, Governors contribute to policy development and review and the Vice-Chair of Governors has worked with the Headteacher over the last twelve months to complete a review of all School Policies which have in turn been disseminated to Staff and Governors.  The Governors have also recently completed an Audit of the School’s website to ensure compliance.

•Appointing, challenging and supporting the Headteacher and staff of the school in achieving the school’s aims and objectives through regular monitoring of the School’s SEF (Self-Evaluation Form) and regular updates and reports from the Headteacher.

•Setting the Headteacher’s Performance Management targets annually and monitoring these and overseeing Performance Management within School to ensure that it leads to improvement in the quality of teaching and ensuring the achievement of targets through regular monitoring.  A Governor working party meet with the Headteacher and SIP (School Improvement Partner) in the Autumn term to set the Headteacher’s performance management targets for the coming year and the Headteacher reports on progress each term.

•Supporting the aims and objectives of the school and safeguarding pupils, staff and the interests of the school and the students in the wider community.  All Governors have enhanced DBS checks and Governors have completed Safeguarding training including Safer Recruitment Training.  The School’s Safeguarding Governor is Mrs. L. Shaw and Safeguarding matters are reviewed regularly at Governing Body meetings.

•Approving the school budget and reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives.  The Chair of the Resource and Environment Committee as well as other Governors meet with the Headteacher and School Bursar regularly to undertake rigorous budget monitoring and financial planning and report back to the Resource and Environment Committee and full Governing Body to ensure good financial management and planning systems are in place.   This also includes monitoring the Pupil Premium and Primary Sports Funding to ensure that these are used effectively.

•Ensuring the school provides the best possible education for each of its pupils enabling them to reach the highest standards of achievement.  Regular updates are provided by the Headteacher as well as by subject leaders at Governing Body meetings.  The Standards committee regularly reviews live School data and reports back to the full Governing Body.

•Acting as critical friends. We monitor and evaluate the work of the school, offer support, constructive advice and we are a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and offer help and support where needed including asking challenging questions of the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team.  Governors visit School often and are involved in the daily life of the school.  For example, Governors undertake lessons observations with the Headteacher to monitor specific areas e.g. behaviour.  Governors have also monitored classroom non negotiables to look at how the School utilises information and opportunities within all of the classroom environments to promote impendence and continuity across classes and all Key Stages.



The Governing Body are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people as we believe that this is of paramount importance.  Governors have undertaken training in Safeguarding as well as Safer recruitment training and all Governors have enhanced DBS Checks.

You can find further information on Safeguarding in the Safeguarding Section of this website as well as in the Safeguarding Policy.

The School’s Designated Safeguarding Governor is Ms. N. Gainsborough.


Members of the Governing Body:

Chair of Governors – Mrs. C. Neild (Parent Governor)

Vice-Chair of Governors – Mrs. V. Fitzpatrick (Parent Governor)

Acting Headteacher – Miss R. Swaby

Staff Governor – Miss. R. Hill

Co-opted Governor – Mrs. T. Dickinson-Rhodes

Co-opted Governor – Ms. N. Gainsborough

Co-opted Governor – Mrs. V. Mason-Hall

Co-opted Governor – Ms. S. Malik

Parent Governor – Miss. A. Lancashire

Parent Governor – Mrs. J. Heald

Safeguarding Governor – Ms. N. Gainsborough

Associate Member- Mr. P. Freeman

Clerk to the Governing Body – Governors Section, Oldham LA.

Meet our Governors


Duty Governors:
If you would like to get in touch with a Governor for any reason then please contact us via Mrs. Flynn in the School Office.  Alternatively, we have Duty Governors each term and Duty Governors can be contacted via the School Office or the Governor’s Suggestion box in the School Foyer.

Duty Governors 2016-2017:

Autumn 1 –              Mrs. V. Mason-Hall

Autumn 2 –             Miss A. Lancashire and Mr. C. Neild

Spring 1 –                 Mrs. V. Fitzpatrick

Spring 2 –                Mrs. J. Heald

Summer 1 –             Mrs. C. Neild and Mrs. V. Fitzpatrick

Summer 2 -              Mrs. T. Dickinson-Rhodes

If you would like to get in touch with a Governor for any reason then please contact us via Mrs. Flynn in the School Office.  Alternatively, we have Duty Governors each term and Duty Governors can be contacted via the School Office or the Governor’s Suggestion box in the School Foyer.


The Governor Constitution:

To find out more about the make-up and constitution of the School Governing Body, please click the link at the bottom of the page.


The Governing Body Code of Conduct:

To find out more about the Governing Body’s code of conduct, please click the link at the bottom of the page.


Instrument of Government:

To view the School’s Instrument of Government please click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Training and Development:

In order to ensure that the Governing Body is able to adequately fulfil its role and that we have a wide range of skills and abilities,  Governors undertake frequent training including whole Governing Body Training, training provided by the Local Authority as well as training and development from other areas of our lives including work-related training.  We also subscribe to Modern Governor which provides online training for School Governors.  For example, in the last 12 months we have completed a range training including the following subjects: Safeguarding, Data Analysis, Health and Safety, Risk Assessments, The role of the Governors in School Improvement, Budget Management and Ofsted preparation (whole Governing Body Training).

Each Governor has completed a Skills Analysis where they consider their strengths and weaknesses and we can then compare the skills and abilities of the whole Governing Body and look at prioritising any training needs to fill any gaps etc.  You can see the skills analysis by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


The School Centenary 2015:

The School celebrated its Centenary in 2015 to celebrate 100 years of Friezland and to raise funds for the refurbishment of the school hall.  The Centenary committee was formed and included representatives from the Governing Body, Staff, Friends of Friezland and School Families. 

The Centenary was celebrated by a yearlong series of events and much needed funds were raised for the hall refurbishment including decoration, flooring, new lighting and the provision of new chairs and tables.

The main Summer Extravaganza was held in June 2015 and during the event we welcomed over 1,000 people from the School and wider local community welcoming many past members of staff and former pupils back to the School.

Further information?

You can download additional information on the work of the Governing Body at the bottom of this page including:

  • The School’s Instrument of Government
  • Governor Calendar
  • Governing Body Code of Conduct
  • Governing Body Committee Details
  • Website Audit
  • Governing Body Skills Matrix

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Friezland School Code of Conduct for Governors

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