Learning With and From Each Other

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The very first Friezland Community Show was held this year at Friezland Church and Church Hall. Each class entered a competition to showcase a variety of work.


The winners of the handwriting competition in Year 1 were:

1st Place                                 Freddie

2nd Place                               Holly

3rd Place                                Isabella

Highly Commended          Bella

Commended                        Amelie


The winners of the handwriting competition in Year 2 were:

1st Place                               Ella

2nd Place                             Jacob

3rd Place                              Leah

Highly Commended         Jake

Commended                       Euan


The winners of the painting competition in Class 3 were:

1st Place                               Amelie

2nd Place                             Oliver

3rd Place                              Elizabeth


The winners of the poetry competition in Class 4 were:

1st Place                               Brodie

2nd Place                             Connor

3rd Place                              Lucy

Highly Commended        Emma

Commended                       Martha and Isobel

Music Awards

Well done to Friezland for the fantastic guitar ensemble performance, and achieving 2nd place at The Rochdale Youth Festival for Guitars 2016