Before and After School Club

Frosties is our Before and After School Club (BASC) provision, where we aim to provide:

  • a safe, happy, stimulating and well-equipped environment in which children can play and socialise;
  • a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities and
  • a supportive environment in which children are encouraged to participate and their individual needs

The Friezland Before and After School Club (Frosties) was established to provide a service for Friezland’s
families. As such, Frosties is an extension of school and therefore school expectations, policies and
procedures are followed.

Frosties is monitored by the Friezland Governing Board through the Resource & Environment Committee.
We are a small team but combined, our staff have many years’ experience working with and looking after
children in a variety of different settings. Some of our staff work in other roles at the school and therefore,
we get to know your child really well.