Welcome to Class 2!

Welcome to Class 2, where pupils in Year 1 and 2 work with the class teacher, Mrs Wilson, and our team of Teaching Assistants.

It is a busy and creative classroom where children learn in lots of practical ways and have plenty of fun. Pupils spend two years in Class 2 and therefore the learning is on a two-year cycle. We use key questions which the children try to answer through their learning, such as, ‘Why do we celebrate Bonfire night?’ and ‘Where would you prefer to live: England or Kenya?’ We are keen authors and our writing is inspired by high quality books, texts, images and our personal experiences. A wide range of visits and visitors are woven through the curriculum to broaden the learning opportunities and widen children’s experiences.

The children receive weekly home learning tasks. Spellings are based on the daily phonics sessions and are sent home on a Friday to be tested the following Friday. There will also be a maths activity to be completed on Mathletics based on what we have been learning in class. Year Two will sometimes receive an additional Maths or English activity to consolidate topics that have been covered during the week. This will also be given on Friday and collected in on Thursday. In class, pupils will participate in individual reading or guided reading sessions each week and will take home two reading books to refine their reading skills by reading to an adult.

Every day we have FRED time (Friezland Reading Every Day) where the children are encouraged to read for pleasure. They can read a book of their choice. We also love our story time at the end of the day!

Children can earn reward stickers for good behaviour or fantastic work to go on their sticker charts. Once the chart is full they are presented with a certificate and badge during Friday’s special assembly. Every week a child from the class will be chosen to receive the Friezland Expectation reward. As a special treat in Class 2, one table is awarded a trophy each week within the class and this entitles them to certain privileges.

Our classroom is a happy environment where the children feel safe and confident to experience new things and feel part of the Friezland family.

You can find out more about our curriculum coverage under the ‘curriculum’ tab’.