Children’s University

Children’s University


Friezland Primary School is proud to be affiliated with Oldham Children’s University.

For every hour that children undertake an activity with a validated  club or learning environment, they receive  a stamp in their Passport to Learning. For participating from 30 hours children will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold Award and will be invited to take part in a graduation ceremony once a year.

As they enter KS2 (Y3), children are presented with their passport which can take them through to post-graduate level (for 430 to 800 hours). Museums and libraries also take part in this scheme which rewards children for learning and choosing to take part in events in their own time.

Being a ‘Twentieth Kid’ at Friezland means being responsible and making the right choices for yourself. We feel this is a valuable way to measure how much our pupils participate in extra-curricular learning.

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