Disability Equality Scheme


The SEN and Disability Act (2001) extended the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) to cover education. Since September 2002, the Governing Body has had three key duties towards disabled pupils under the Part 4 of the DDA:

• Not to treat disabled pupils less favourably for a reason related to their disability.

• To make reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils, so that they are not at a substantial disadvantage.

• To plan to increase access to education for disabled pupils.

This duty requires schools to produce an Accessibility Plan that identifies the action the schools intend to take over a three year period to increase access for those with a disability.

In addition, the Disability Equality Duty (2006) requires all schools to extend the planning for pupils to include the needs of staff and visitors to school whose needs are covered by the remit of the Disability Discrimination Act and also to:

• promote equality of opportunity;

• eliminate unlawful discrimination;

• eliminate disability-related harassment;

• promote positive attitudes towards disabled people;

• encourage disabled people’s participation in public life and

• take steps to take into account people’s disabilities, even where that involves more favourable treatment.


As such, Friezland’s Disability Equality Scheme incorporates its Accessibility Plan and aims to:

• maximise the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the school curriculum;

• improve the school environment to increase the extent to which disabled pupils, employees, members of the community and other service users, take advantage of the education and associated services offered;

• improve the delivery to disabled pupils of information which is provided in writing for pupils who are not disabled and

• improve the access to information generally for all employees, members of the community and other service users.

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