Pupil Voice

Pupil Safety Questionnaires

This is what our most recent pupil questionnaire about school life and told us:

Adults make sure we know it is wrong to call someone names because of the colour of their skin, the country they are from, a disability    100%

School helps me to understand what is a crime and what is lawful   100%

I know what to do if there is a fire at school    100%

School helps me to eat and drink healthily    96%

School provides healthy food   96%

School is clean and tidy   96%

From the children’s results we know we need to work on:

Improving behaviour in the playground (although this has improved since our previous questionnaire)

Improving behaviour in the classroom (there are a few children who can spoil learning for others)

Making sure all children know what to do if an adult makes them feel uncomfortable (however in our previous questionnaire this percentage was higher by over 6%).


Pupils recently completed questionnaires about school life. The main things they told us:

97% strongly agree that teaching is good at this school

95% strongly agree that they feel safe at school with no-one reporting that don’t feel safe

94% strongly agree that school helps them get ready for the next step in learning (moving from one class to the next or to another school)

92% agreed strongly that school helps them learn with a further 6% agreeing

91%strongly agree that the Senior Leadership team and governors do a good job of running the school.

From the children’s results, we realise we need to do some work around:

All children knowing how to improve their learning as 5 % said they didn’t how to

Making sure all of our children know how we handle inappropriate behaviour as 6% don’t think we deal with it very well

Making sure all of our children know there is always someone who will listen to them if they are worried as 6% didn’t feel they could talk to someone.