Learning With and From Each Other

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Friezland Primary School

School Staff

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Role Staff Member
Headteacher Miss Rachael Swaby
Assistant Headteacher Miss Rebecca Hill
EYFS Teacher (Class 1) Mrs Cheryl Butterworth
Year 1 & 2 Teacher Mrs Gill Wilson
Year 3 & 4 Teacher Mr Andy McQuillan (Mat leave-Miss Fay Hodgson)
Year 5 & 6 Teacher Miss Rebecca Hill
SENCO Miss Rachael Swaby
Learning Support Assistant’s (LSAs) Mrs Julie Whitehead (HLTA)
Mrs Rebecca Moores (HLTA)
Mrs Sara Wrigley (HLTA)
Mrs Dawn Stacey
Mr Peter Freeman
Mrs Sarah Smithies
School Administrators Mrs Joanne Flynn
Mrs Angela Lilley
Caretaker Mr Simon Biggs
Before & After School Club Manager Mrs Rebecca Moores
Before & After School Club Assistants Mrs Louise Beech, Mrs Elaine Owen, Mrs Julie Hopkins
Midday Supervisors Mrs Sharon Hall, Mrs Julie Hopkins, Ms Marie Hudson
Safeguarding Team Miss Rachael Swaby, Miss Rebecca Hill, Mrs Rebecca Moores
English Coordinator Miss Rebecca Hill
Math Coordinator Miss Fay Hodgson
Science Coordinator Mrs Cheryl Butterworth
ICT & Computing Coordinator Miss Rebecca Hill
History & Geography Coordinator Mrs Cheryl Butterworth
RE Coordinator Mrs Gill Wilson
Art Coordinator Miss Fay Hodgson
Design & Technology Coordinator Mrs Cheryl Butterworth
PE & Games Coordinator Miss Fay Hodgson
Music Coordinator Mrs Gill Wilson
MFL Coordinator Miss Rebecca Hill
PSHCE Coordinator Miss Rebecca Hill
Assessment Coordinator Miss Rachael Swaby & Miss Rebecca Hill