Learning With and From Each Other

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Welcome to Class 4 at Friezland Primary School!



Class 4 is currently a class of 31 children in year 5 and 6. The class teacher is Miss Hill and we often work with Mrs Robinson, Mrs Whitehead and Mr Freeman who are our LSAs. 

The children spend two years in class 4 and their learning is therefore planned on a two-year cycle.

The learning in class 4 is usually based around a key question like, ‘How many days were in the Mayan Calendar?’ Or ‘Were the Vikings really vicious?’ The content is often driven by the children’s ideas and prior knowledge as we, ‘Learn With and From Each Other’.

You will find information about our Key Question for this half-term in our class newsletter below.

Class 4 is a very busy place where children feel safe and confident to try new things, learn from mistakes and enjoy learning. The class work extremely hard as a team to meet the Friezland expectations. Preparations for moving on to KS3 are made early so that we can best prepare our pupils for learning and living in the 21st Century.


Class Newsletter

Info for Parents and Carers -The Maya

Home Learning Challenges -Vikings