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Friezland Primary School


At Friezland Primary School we are committed to the development of the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum which helps children to reach their full potential regardless of gender, disability, social class or special educational needs, in all areas of school life. We strive to ensure pupils are both numerate and literate by the end of Key Stage 2, preparing them as well as possible for moving on to secondary school.

Teaching staff are resolute on the importance of a curriculum which teaches children the aspects of social, moral, cultural and spiritual development and understanding which ensures they become good citizens in a multicultural Britain. We aim to give children a sense of self and an understanding and tolerance of others. Our topics and approaches help children to develop a sense of curiosity about the world and to take responsibility for their learning and achievements. We aim to provide children with real hooks for learning through enrichment activities such as visits, visitors and first hand experiences as we believe children learn by doing.

Our curriculum is taught on a two year cycle to cater for mixed age group classes. Teachers ensure children are taught according to their ability rather than age using a variety of teaching styles and personalised learning approaches.

Class teachers provide a termly newsletter for families which gives more in depth information than the long term plans attached.

Our curriculum adheres to the statutory National Curriculum in England (2013) which can be found by visiting the following link:

National Curriculum in England


Key Principles of our Curriculum 

At Friezland we consider being a successful learner includes:

  • Good basic skills especially in Numeracy and Literacy
  • Knowing when help is needed and where to find it
  • A love of and respect for the natural world
  • Being able to work with others
  • Being confident and secure in one’s own environment
  • Being able to access learning in different ways
  • Understanding and following the Friezland Expectations
  • Being happy and enthusiastic
  • Being confident to share skills with others
  • Being organised
  • Being willing to ask questions
  • Contributing to discussions
  • Being a good listener
  • Maximising learning time
  • Having high self expectations and aspirations
  • Being responsible
  • Learning from others.

Through our curriculum we aim to use a variety of approaches which experience has taught us work, including:

  • Setting challenging targets
  • Addressing learning needs (including SEN) quickly
  • Parent workshops
  • A variety of learning styles
  • Encouraging the Friezland Expectations and being a ‘Twentieth Kid’
  • Team work
  • Hooks for Learning
  • Good transition procedures
  • Talk Partners
  • Giving children responsibility
  • Providing enrichment opportunities within school and the local cluster
  • Self and peer assessment.

Specific learning approaches used at Friezland include:

  • TASC wheel
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Kagan based principles
  • Talk for Writing
  • SEAL
  • Forest Schools
  • Role play and drama.

All teaching staff have worked together on our curriculum to ensure it meets the values of our school whilst providing pupils with the opportunities to be successful 21st Century learners.

Our curriculum:

  • Is underpinned by aims, values and purpose
  • Is flexible and responsive to individual needs and interests
  • Develops the whole person – knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes
  • Includes rich first-hand purposeful experiences
  • Is broad, balanced and has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills
  • Has a local, national and international dimension which promotes understanding of social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of society
  • Encourages the use of environments and expertise beyond the classroom
  • Makes meaningful links between areas of knowledge across the curriculum and the major issues of our time
  • Has an eye on the future and the needs of future citizens
  • Embeds the principles of sustainability.


Here you will find our curriculum overviews that follow a two year cycle because of our mixed-age classes.

2018-2019: Year A
2019-2020: Year B


Year R Curriculum Overview

Year 1 and 2

Year 1-2 Curriculum Overview YA

Year 1-2 Curriculum Overview YB

Year 3 and 4

Year 3-4 Curriculum Overview YA

Year 3-4 Curriculum Overview YB

Year 5 and 6

Year 5-6 Curriculum Overview YB